Ransomware Is An Obstacle We Need To Combat

Rise in Ransomware attacks

If you haven’t noticed, major Internet hacks and ransoms have dramatically increased in scope over the last several months.

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Top Microsoft Teams Tips and Tricks

Microsoft Teams tips and tricks

Whether everyone is back in the office or employees are still scattered throughout the city (or country), Microsoft Teams is a powerful tool that helps keep you and your employees connected. In fact, it’s so powerful there are probably features you haven’t unearthed yet. There are layers and layers of insights and features Microsoft has packed into the latest version (and continues to pack in). There are Microsoft-certified classes available to educate you on these insights. Now, if you have the time and resources, by all means, jump headfirst into one of those classes. They are great and can open your eyes to the power of Microsoft Teams. However, chances are you don’t have that kind of time to dedicate away from your already hectic life. Thankfully, that’s where we come in. So, whether you’ve been using Microsoft Teams for some time now, or you’re just getting started, we have some Microsoft Teams tips and tricks you may not know about yet.


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Mobile Devices and Network Security. Our Guide:

mobile devices and network security

Your mobile phone can do just about everything a computer can do. Add in a tablet, and you may not even need a computer any longer. You might not have a robust operating system or some of the hardware capability, but there are times when simpler is easier. However, there’s one area where mobile devices lag behind computers: security. Viruses, malware, spyware, and everything else in between have been targeting computers since the creation of the internet, which means anti-virus applications have been around for just as long.

The same is not true with mobile devices, yet mobile devices are a major target for cybercriminals. Your phone not only carries your entire address book and log-in information for social media accounts, but it may include your financial data, conversation logs, and just about everything else you digitally own. If you use mobile devices in an office network, these can be easy backdoors into the network, bypassing the security infrastructure designed for desktops. Your network security is only as strong as the weakest link, which is why you need to take mobile devices and network security seriously. Here is our guide for steps you need to follow to improve the security of your office network.


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Phishing Attempts have Increased during the pandemic. What you need to know:

COVID19 Phishing Attempts

The attempt to steal someone’s personal information for financial gain is nothing new. It started up long before the creation of the internet. Some techniques have become difficult to identify due to how clever and crafty the phishing attempt is. Other attempts are seemingly blatant and obvious, and yet they continue, mostly because it only takes one individual to slip up and fall for the phishing attempt to make it profitable. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the majority of workers shifted from working in an office setting to working from home.

It took some time, and there was a learning curve, but many businesses have figured out ways to run their operations smoothly after a year. However, there is one major downside to working from home. Phishing attempts have dramatically increased during the pandemic. Or, at the very least, noticeable phishing attacks. Office networks are designed to protect against the majority of cybercriminals, so many of these attacks are never noticed.

The same is not true with individuals working from home. If you run a business, and you have employees either working from home or bringing their home computer into the office, you need to establish new security protocols to protect not only your employee’s information but your company information as well. While COVID19 phishing attempts are on the rise, here is what you can do about it.


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Microsoft Exchange Server Hack: What Do You Need to Know?

Microsoft exchange hack

“Firms and government agencies in the United States who use a Microsoft email exchange server may have been jeopardized in an aggressive hacking campaign that was sponsored by the Chinese government”, Microsoft said.

Why did this happen? How did this happen? What should you do next? Continuing reading for answers to all of these questions about the Microsoft Exchange Hack: (more…)

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