Business Cyber Insurance 101

business cyber insurance

As a small business owner, you are already familiar with the various forms of insurance. From property insurance to workers’ compensation insurance, there’s no shortage of ways you can protect your business from accidents and damage to your property and assets. However, you may still be left exposed to serious financial loss if you are not protecting the Internet side of your business. With the constant threat of cybercriminals, a single data breach can cost you tens of thousands of dollars (if not more). This is why it is so important to look further into what is known as business cyber insurance. It’s a new term, but with your growing reliance on the Internet, it is essential to properly educate yourself on business cyber insurance and how it can protect you and your business. (more…)

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What is a managed service provider?

what is a managed service provider

Large businesses often have a dedicated IT staff on hand. With the amount of information running through the business and the need to maintain a large infrastructure, having on-site IT professionals both day and night makes sense. However, as a small to medium-sized business, this is not something you need.

Your company simply does not generate the kind of volume to need a larger networking server on-site. And yet, you still need someone to help maintain your network, including handling Internet security, performing updates, and even recommending software to enhance your user experience.

Paying a full-time employee to do this doesn’t make sense, as they likely won’t have a ton to do throughout the course of an average day, so paying a salary, plus benefits, Social Security, and other expenses can quickly add up. Instead, you need to take advantage of what is known as a managed service provider. But what is a managed service provider? Here is everything you need to know and how your business can benefit from taking advantage of this kind of service.


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