Advanced IT Security Services

Advanced IT security services for those who need it

Sometimes basic IT security is not enough. As cybersecurity threats get more advanced by the minute, you may need the most advanced IT security service that you can find. If you’re looking for the most stringent form of cybersecurity protection you can get for your business, our team here at Charlotte IT Solutions has you covered with our Advanced IT Security Services. Our Advanced IT Security Alert includes active monitoring of your IT activity, additional data for greater oversight of your IT activity, a team that’s focused on your security, more stringent backups of your IT systems, and more. Whether you’re a small or a mid-sized business, we have an Advanced IT Security service package that is suitable for your company to give you the most protection we can offer.

Stay preventative about your IT security

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Protecting Against Data Breaches

While our IT security services is built to prevent data breaches and more, our Advanced IT security service is especially tailored to block malicious malware. One of the ways we do this is by putting extra measures at your email gateway. If any malicious malware is detected at the gateway, or if there’s an email that violates your business’s policy, then it automatically gets blocked at the gateway. We also do constant security assessments of your infrastructure. During these assessments we identify your business’s most critical assets which are sitting in your IT infrastructure and then make sure that there are no potential security gaps that might lead to a data breach.

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Backing Up Your Data

When it comes to advanced IT security, we also believe in having the most robust backup plans possible for your business if something does happen to your data—like a security breach. Although we never expect the worst, our advanced IT security services team plans for the worst should the worst ever happen. We look to protect your data beyond just data breaches, and we also look at protecting your data against natural disasters should mother nature strike your business.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.

Educating your business about potential IT threats

While we also believe in doing the best that we can to stop any potential threats from destroying your business, we also believe that education across both sides can help make your business even more secure. During our process, we also help educate you about the latest emerging cybersecurity trends so you can stay abreast of any of the latest threats. But more importantly, so you can carry that awareness with you as you go home as well.

Give your business the toughest security IT deserves

If you’re looking for an advanced IT security services to help protect your business, our team here Charlotte IT Solutions can help. Above are just a few of the ways in which our team helps you with your Advanced IT Security Services. Should you wish to learn more about our Advanced IT Security Services, please fill out our form or call us at (704) 823-6988 for more information.