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Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we offer many IT services that are designed to assist your company so that it is able to run smoothly and ultimately receive a fatter bottom line. Our wide range of IT services is guaranteed to help your company grow and flourish as we are prepared to handle any situation that your company may find itself in and develop proactive solutions.

Our experienced and skilled IT Services team will ensure that whichever services you choose to employ are performed to your and our highest standards. We take pride in the quality of our IT Services and believe that you will take in pride in choosing Charlotte IT Solutions.

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Charlotte IT Consulting

Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we understand that your company wants to be technologically relevant and competitive. It can be hard to know how exactly to achieve that relevancy and competitiveness if you do not fully understand how technology works and how it is changing.

That is why we offer our IT consulting services to you. Our IT consulting provides you company with a major advantage because not only will you be technologically relevant, but your technology will be relevant to you.

The truth is that certain businesses do not need certain technologies or services and out consulting can point you in the right direction which is extremely important in ensuring that you do not waste your money on things that are pretty, but unnecessary. We specialize in the following technologies:


Cloud Computing

Business Applications

Those are three technologies that can be very helpful or very detrimental. If you are considering taking on any sort of technological change then please, consult our IT consulting services first because they can make the difference between a positive and negative ROI.

Every company wants to be on top of their market and every company wants to have every advantage, the key is to choose the best possible advantages so that you can get the most “bang for your buck”. Don’t make the vital mistake of spending so much money on unnecessary technology. Pick and choose to create the best ROI and the fattest bottom line.

Charlotte IT Support

Technology doesn’t always do what we want it to do and this can be very frustrating for those people that do not fully understand technology. Our IT support services are here to make sure that your technology works at its best at all times.

Nothing will slow a company down the way uncooperative technology does. When email doesn’t work or a computer is not properly saving word documents, that company is being slowed and thus its efficiency and bottom line are diminished.


A help desk that is manned by our certified IT Support Specialists

24/7 IT support for all your small business technology problems.

Knowledgeable tech support specialists that can solve your problems either remotely or on site.

Would you ever try to roof your own house or repair the cement on your drive-way yourself? Of course you wouldn’t, you would hire a professional. We are the professionals that you hire to ensure that your technology runs smoothly and that it is fixed in a timely manner whenever a problem arises.

We take pride in the fact our Charlotte tech support team has won numerous awards. We strive to provide each of our small business customers with a IT support specialists who will know every detail about your companies technology. All you do is call and explain your problem, and our specialist will either walk you through the solution or take control of your desktop remotely and fix it themselves.

Furthermore, we provide you with complete 24/7 support. This means that even on weekends you can have your technological problems fixed which is very helpful if your email goes down on a busy weekend.

Lastly, our specialists that provide you with support are very good at what they do and can fix any problem that you run across. This comes in handy because it doesn’t matter which of our specialists you get, you can rest assured that you will receive a job well done.

IT support is necessary for every company out there and here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we pride ourselves on our superior support and specialists.

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