Managed IT Services

An in-house IT-managed service team is a luxury that small and medium-sized businesses simply can’t afford from both a cost and management overhead point of view. 

That would often have put such organizations at a competitive disadvantage compared to large corporations. But with managed IT services from Charlotte IT Solutions, you can have the full support of such a team at a fraction of the costs. 

But most business owners and managers don’t fully appreciate the benefits that managed services can provide in an ever-changing world of technological innovations. 

And it can provide far more than just support for your information and communication equipment. 


Managed services for IT infrastructures provide full support for all technical aspects of a company at an affordable monthly cost. Instead of having to hire a team to take on IT problems or upgrade your systems, you hire an outsourced company with all the expertise and experience needed. 

Here are just a few of the things that a managed IT company can provide:

  • Network Infrastructure Management
  • Cybersecurity services
  • Infrastructure as a service
  • Cloud services
  • Remote application hosting services
  • Help Desk Support
  • Strategic IT planning services
  • Onsite IT Support

And what makes our managed services stand out from competitors is that we tailor packages to suit our clients. We simply don’t believe that a one-size-fits-all approach is suitable for modern businesses.


When you hire your own IT service providers, then you can gain instant access to expertise that could take years to build up with an in-house team. But there are many more benefits to be aware of. 

Partnering with a managed services provider will give you full access to IT support at a fraction of the costs. For smaller organizations, it simply doesn’t make sense to have a team of even five support staff when the number of incidents is pretty low. 

But that’s what it would take to have adequate support levels. 

What you gain with Charlotte IT Solutions is access to large teams that provide 24/7/365 support, advice, and project oversight for everything from network security to implementing cloud computing solutions. 

And it will cost you a fraction to gain that level of expertise on constant standby. 

Another major benefit of outsourcing managed IT services is that it’s easy to gain more support services as your company grows. Normally, businesses have to carefully plan the expansion of all their support teams and services to take on new clients. 

That can cause delays and added costs that slow down business growth. 

But when you have an outsourcing partner with large teams of analysts, engineers, consultants, and project managers, all it takes is a call to upgrade your services. 

And if you have a new project that requires new technology, then you don’t have to wait until you find the right staff or train your in-house team.

Ultimately, having a managed IT services provider on your side will provide you with a significant boost of operational efficiency. You won’t have to manage in-house teams, as we can take care of all your systems through remote monitoring. 

We can also take care of all your mobile device management for salespeople who are constantly on the go. 

And when you do run into problems, we can provide on-site support for hardware failures that can’t be fixed remotely. 

As one of the leading managed services providers for small and mid-size businesses in the Carolinas, our team can provide you with all the support you need to take on complex hardware and system upgrades. 

Our team will work with you to guide you through the research and planning phase before coming up with ideal solutions. This step alone can drastically improve the ROI of every project you take on. 

Whether it’s a cloud-based disaster recovery solution or a complete upgrade to your office network and phone systems, we’ll make sure that your budget is spent as effectively as possible.

Our managed security services team can also ensure that you have all the necessary safeguards in place to comply with industry regulations. Whether you operate in the healthcare, dental, financial, legal, or educational sectors, our team has the experience needed to ensure you achieve and maintain full compliance. 

A dedicated network operations center will also actively monitor your systems for external threats. And if you encounter a worst-case situation like fire, flooding, or theft of data storage, then we can initiate a disaster recovery plan that ensures you don’t suffer more downtime than needed.

With the support to improve your IT systems and overall productivity at an affordable price, you’ll be able to stand out from your competitors and ensure that you serve your customers better and more efficiently. 

Even small businesses can now take full advantage of the efficiencies that come with advanced cloud services. And with a faster and more dependable service, you’ll also be able to take on more clients with your existing employees.

When you don’t have to manage an in-house team or worry about providing enough support for sick leave or a sudden increase in IT issues, you can focus on running your business for growth rather than having all the stress associated with managing business technology services.

Our team will monitor systems proactively and provide you with regular reports on how well they are supporting your business or where opportunities exist for improvements. 

Whether that’s moving to different cloud services or finding a new accounting system to provide better regulatory compliance, our team will remove as much management overhead as possible.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.

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Charlotte IT Solutions has been providing our IT support for some time. I am pleased with their sense of urgency, pro-activity, and level of expertise when assisting us. I feel they go beyond expectations in addressing our concerns promptly.

December J.

Practice Manager | University Eye Associates


Making sure that your IT systems are continuously working and without any downtime is critical to any business. Depending on the size of your company, seconds of downtime could cost you dearly. 

Without a managed service provider on stand-by, hiring an internal IT team to learn your IT systems in and out and to keep them around can be costly. Technology is constantly changing at a pace that’s faster than most small and mid-sized business owners can keep up with. 

Not only does your internal team need to stay up to speed with your current internal IT systems, but they must also stay current with any new IT systems which you may bring into the mix at your company as well. 

Our managed IT services and technical support teams can help take your IT stresses away so you can focus less on maintaining your business and focus more of your time, money, and energy on meeting your business goals.


Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we give your business the highest level of customer support so that your business technology is the least of your worries. 

We help you achieve your business goals by providing you with a workable managed IT services solution for your business. If you’re looking for a high-performing team for your managed services within our service area, we’re the team to talk to. 

Below are the different types of managed IT services we offer as the leading service provider in the Carolinas.


We are there to support you remotely with all your IT problems, and we offer remote monitoring to let you know when an IT issue arises that you haven’t even noticed yet. When it comes to our IT help desk, we remotely do the heavy lifting so you can save on time and the overhead that comes with having an in-house IT team.

Technology often moves quicker than most people can keep up with. In the business world, new technologies can help your business operate cost-effectively and efficiently. Our engineers are here to help with your IT strategy planning so that you plan to make the most of the technologies of today and tomorrow in accordance with your business needs and goals.

Hiring a Chief Information Officer simply doesn’t make sense for small companies. But that doesn’t mean you have to cope without that level of support. As a managed services provider, we can be your virtual CIO to help you with strategic IT planning, assessing vendors and their service level agreement, and even helping you with annual IT budget planning.

Whether we’re at your business location or away from your business, we can offer you IT support when you need it to help address any IT troubles you may run into. IT issues happen when you least expect them to, and we’re there to help make sure your business isn’t blind-sighted.


Call us today for a free consultation to find out how a tailored managed services model will set you up for more business success. Other service providers typically provide off-the-shelf services and packages. 

But we have found that tailoring packages to the exact needs of a business provide more flexible and affordable solutions. 

It’s why we have become the leading managed service provider for small and mid-sized organizations in the Carolinas. 

This will be one phone call that could make the biggest difference in your growth and overall success.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.