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IT is sometimes seen as a part of a necessary expense that’s needed to make sure that everything at a business is working properly and without any hiccups. Nowadays many businesses are using their IT teams as part of a springboard for future business growth. IT teams are often tasked with building and implementing IT strategies that are often critical pieces to a company’s ROI. Oftentimes, however, much of the IT strategical planning also comes not only from an internal IT team, but also from a team like ours here at Charlotte IT Solutions. At Charlotte IT Solutions, we provide an IT strategy services that you will help align your business goals with the technologies of today and tomorrow. Our goal is to not only be your go-to resource for IT issues, but to also be a business resource for using IT as part of maximizing current revenue streams and developing new revenue streams for your future. Below are a few of the many ways our IT strategy services can help you increase overall ROI and maximize your business resources.

How we help with your IT strategy:

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Modernizing Your IT Infrastructure

Modernizing your IT infrastructure allows your company to be more efficient, secure and agile. As more applications move to the cloud, many companies start to have issues where their current IT systems are incompatible with current cloud applications and technologies. This can decentralize your IT environment and cause security issues if your business’s data exists in multiple places. With our IT strategy services, we solve IT modernization issues so that your IT risks are mitigated and that your IT is built for the future.

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Reassessing Current Business Applications

Outdated and unused applications cost businesses dearly when it comes to security, productivity and more. Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, with our IT strategy services, we can help you figure out which of your applications need to be decommissioned due to age, inactivity and more. Our goal here is to help you run lean so you can minimize financial loss and maximize your ROI and human resources.

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Combining Data Centers

As part of our IT strategy services, we also build IT strategy plans to show you the benefits of combining your data centers. We also show you how much you can potentially save in the long-run by combining your data centers. Aside from increasing your overall ROI, combining data centers can also cut down on the amount of resources you need to keep secure,decrease the scope of a disaster recovery effort should it ever happen and also decrease overall energy consumption.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.

Meet your goals with our IT strategy services

Depending on the size and goals of your business, our team can help build the right IT strategy that best suits you. Our experience of working with dozens of companies in the area has taught us that there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to building the right IT strategy plan. No matter what the situation, we can help you build an IT strategy problem for both your business today and that of the future.