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Cyber Security threats and malware have grown from minor breaches of data to the full-on monetization of your business. Hackers now aim to not only use malware to breach your system, but to also sell or possibly hold your data for ransom. You never know what kind of threat you may face and what it might do to your business, so securing your data and IT infrastructure should be one the main cornerstones to running any successful business. At Charlotte IT Solutions, our IT security services will help bolster the IT security of your business and protect your investment from any unwanted security risks. We will build a fleshed-out IT security strategy that suits the needs of your business so that your investment stays protected both from inside and outside threats to your company.

Ways Our IT Security Services Help You

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Ransomware Protection

Ransomware has made headlines in recent memory due to the financial havoc it has wreaked on numerous business. Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we provide you with a defense against would-be ransomware attacks so the risks of you facing a similar kind of fate is mitigated. Our ransomware protection encompasses ransomware prevention, data backup and archiving in the event of a ransomware breach, and more.

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Advanced IT Security

Sometimes great security isn’t good enough. At Charlotte IT Solutions we offer an Advanced IT security services to make sure that you have the ultimate peace of mind and that you’re constantly protected. We inform you of the latest threats, put in place a comprehensive backup solution, make security assessments and continuously monitor your IT security.


Our team knows how to strike the perfect balance between security and your company’s productivity. We understand that security can only go so far. While security is important, we also understand that the productivity of your company is also important and that it shouldn’t be hindered in the name of security. Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we give your business the highest level of IT security services we can provide so that IT security is the least of your worries. We help you protect your business goals by providing you with IT security services you need to protect your business. If you’re looking for a high-performing team for your IT security services within our service area, we’re the team to talk to.

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