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Having an in-house security operations team is something that small and mid-sized companies simply can’t afford. But not having the right safeguards and security program in place can leave businesses open to cybersecurity risks.

That’s where a managed security service provider (MSSP) can provide the same level of protection that large corporations achieve with dedicated security management and threat intelligence teams.

As a leading managed security services provider for small and medium-sized organizations, Charlotte IT Solutions can help you deal with all security concerns and secure your entire IT infrastructure at an affordable price.

Secure your business with our IT security services

Cyber Security threats and malware have grown from minor breaches of data to the full-on monetization of your business. Hackers now aim to not only use malware to breach your system but also to sell or possibly hold your data for ransom.

You never know what kind of threat you may face and what it might do to your business, so securing your data and IT infrastructure should be one the main cornerstones of running any successful business.

At Charlotte IT Solutions, our IT security services will help bolster the IT security of your business and protect your investment from any unwanted security risks.

We will build a fleshed-out IT security strategy that suits the needs of your business so that your investment stays protected both from inside and outside threats to your company.

Ways our IT security services help you

Ransomware has made headlines in recent years due to the financial havoc it has wreaked on numerous businesses. Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we provide you with a defense against would-be ransomware attacks so the risks of facing a similar fate are mitigated.
Our ransomware protection includes ransomware prevention, data backup, and archiving in case of a ransomware breach.

Because of our experience helping businesses after they have suffered a ransomware attack, we have been able to fine-tune our security operations and managed security services to help you avoid such problems in the first place.

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Sometimes great security isn’t good enough. At Charlotte IT Solutions, we offer Advanced managed security services to ensure that you have the ultimate peace of mind and are constantly protected. We inform you of the latest threats, put in place a comprehensive backup solution, make security assessments, and continuously monitor your IT and network security.

We used the latest intelligent learning security monitoring tools that can provide round-the-clock threat monitoring.

This is one of the highlights of our managed security services because cybercriminals often attack at night when humans are not actively monitoring.

These systems also gather threat detection knowledge that we gather from all clients to further prevent attacks.

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As one of the leading managed security service providers in the Carolinas, we fully understand how cybercriminals use email as a major point of vulnerability. While anti-virus systems on email servers can provide a certain level of protection, there is also the threat of phishing.

The level of ingenuity and technological advances used in cyber attacks has made it increasingly difficult for companies to avoid such security events.

Our team will not only be providing security services in the form of technical monitoring, but we can also help train your employees to better prepare them to identify and avoid phishing attempts.

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Many business owners only think of network security as the main way to avoid security events. But our experience has shown that cybercriminals will always target the weakest links in the least protected organizations.

That means carefully identifying every single endpoint IT system connected to the Internet. Our advanced managed security monitoring then uses the latest threat intelligence to protect those endpoints.

We can also implement systems that learn how your network evolves and detect all possible new connected devices that could become weak points.

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A critical part of all managed security services has to be providing assistance for recovering data and IT systems in a disaster situation. Whether that’s a natural disaster, burglary, fire, or cyberattack, you need confidence that your business can continue operating with as little disruption as possible.

With our security expertise, we will help you strategically plan backups and archiving of data and identify the most critical systems.

And through our managed detection of threats, we can initiate recovery plans at a moment’s notice to ensure you don’t have to deal with excessive downtime.

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As one of the leading managed security service providers for small businesses in the Carolinas, here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we have developed a service that tailors security packages for clients.

These packages can include everything from cloud security to threat monitoring and managed detection to emergency incident response.

Taking such a tailored approach has allowed us to create much greater security and intrusion detection systems that are far superior to off-the-shelf solutions.

And that has made us one of the most reputable security service providers in the Carolinas.

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SMB’s that go out of business within 6 months of a breach

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Attacks that are delivered through email and your own staff


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We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.

Our Custom Solution Highlights


Ongoing CyberSecurity Protection

Industry Compliance Expertise

Risk Assessment Breakouts

Industry-Leading Security Tools

Protection Peace-of-Mind

Proactive Security Roadmapping

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What Our Customers Say

Charlotte IT Solutions has been providing our IT support for some time. I am pleased with their sense of urgency, pro-activity, and level of expertise when assisting us. I feel they go beyond expectations in addressing our concerns promptly.

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Our team knows how to strike the perfect balance between security and your company’s productivity. We understand that security can only go so far. While security is important, we know that the productivity of your company is also important and that it shouldn’t be hindered in the name of security governance.

Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we give your business the highest level of IT security services we can provide so that cybercrime becomes less of a worry.

Customized Service Packages

Unlike other managed security services, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to implementing cybersecurity systems. Instead, we take a custom approach to vulnerability management and develop a counter-threat platform based on your IT infrastructure and industry.

Through many years of gathering cyber threat intelligence, we also understand how different industries are more at risk due to the sensitive data involved. Whether your business is involved in healthcare, financial services, or education, we will tailor a security program to provide you with optimum protection.

24/7 Managed Security Service Provider

Our team also offers 24/7 security monitoring through intelligent systems and human security expertise. The benefit you gain from this is that we can detect potential intrusion or disruption threats a lot earlier.

That allows us to either prevent further intrusion or be ready to initiate an incident response. In many cases, taking such a proactive security event monitoring approach will reduce your vulnerability and defend you against the most sophisticated cyber-attacks.

Regulatory Compliance

As part of our managed security services, we also perform custom security audits depending on the industry regulations you have to comply with.

We have worked with companies in the healthcare, dental, financial, legal, and educational sectors, and we fully understand the unique security requirements that each of these industries have.

That allows us to strengthen certain areas of your IT infrastructure and cloud security and also put in place incident response plans that allow you to retrieve data backups quickly and effectively.

Strategic Security Planning

As part of our managed security services, we also consult for strategic planning. This aims to help new clients who haven’t taken security initiatives before and don’t have a formal plan in place.

This strategic plan will set out goals and milestones to implement security devices and threat detection, as well as define processes to follow if there ever is a serious cyber attack.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.


If you’d like to find out how much of a difference a managed security service provider can make on your business, then call us today for a free consultation.

We will guide you through the process of performing a full cybersecurity audit, early threat detection, and regulatory compliance monitoring so that you understand how to fully protect your business.

The more you stand out as easy prey for cybercriminals, the more likely it is that you will fall victim to a costly attack.

This will be one phone call that could make a huge difference in protecting your business’ success.