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One of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized businesses is dealing with IT issues that can have a serious impact on productivity. And with increasing reliance on all sorts of technology, even small IT issues can become a major disruption. 

One of the first lines of defense when it comes to these issues is having a reliable and competent technical support team. 

That means that you need to be able to call someone any time of the day with the confidence that they will answer your call and be able to deal with your problem in a fast and effective way. 

For the majority of companies, having that kind of in-house technical support is not going to be a viable option. 

And that’s where Charlotte IT Solutions can provide you with an affordable service desk outsourcing option to help you avoid unnecessary downtime. 



Remote IT help desk support is a service we offer to small and medium-sized businesses to diagnose and solve IT-related problems over the phone without having to set foot in your business. 

Rather than having to hire multiple in-house staff on a full-time basis, service desk outsourcing allows you to gain 24/7/365 access to highly trained technicians. 

And with over 95% of calls to our outsourced service desk resolved in under 10 minutes over the phone, you will gain peace of mind and confidence that when the inevitable IT failure happens, you won’t suffer prolonged downtime. 

We make it our priority to ensure that we have the fastest call answering and resolution times so that you can always achieve maximum productivity.


Let me show you why so many of our clients have developed long-standing relationships with our service desk outsourcing department.

One of the primary reasons in favor of service desk outsourcing is that you gain access to 24/7/365 support. That allows businesses that might not only operate during regular office hours to fall victim to IT problems at the wrong time. 

Achieving that kind of support in-house would require ten or more employees to cover all the hours with redundancy. And for the majority of businesses, that’s simply not financially and operationally viable. 

You also gain the flexibility of not needing to hire additional temporary staff for periods of time when you expect to be busier with your operations and ultimately put more demand on support staff. 

And as your organization grows, you won’t have to keep a constant check on whether an in-house help desk service can keep up with the demand.

With outsourced help desk personnel, you will also find that you can significantly reduce your operating expenses. With a fully operational help desk, you could have at least ten permanent employees. 

Not only do you have to budget for their salary, sick pay, and vacation time, but you also have added costs like office space, computers, software licenses, and many other technical costs. 

On the other hand, with outsourced help desk support services, you’ll receive a fixed monthly invoice based on the size of your company and reliance on computers. 

That fixed fee will be significantly lower than adding up all the employment expenses, and it gives you far greater flexibility with access to larger teams as your company grows. 

Those savings can then be employed to grow the core aspects of your business that aim to deliver more revenue. 

Even if there is a sudden problem affecting multiple employees, you won’t have to worry about spending endless time waiting for a help desk agent to answer your call. 

With our service desk outsourcing team, you have access to technical agents who are able to keep up with increased volumes of calls from multiple different companies. By having access to such large teams through outsourcing services, you won’t have to worry about waiting in line for a resolution. 

And when you partner with an outsourcing provider who ensures that all help desk staff have the best possible training, you also reduce the time it takes to analyze and solve specific problems. 

The higher the first-call resolution rate is, and the less time your staff spends on the phone trying to fix a problem, the more productive your organization will become.

The worst thing that can happen to small and medium-sized organizations is that they require access to help desk support at a time when there is no in-house team available. 

A lot of companies have to operate on extended work hours or even operate with night shifts. And IT problems don’t go to sleep just because you don’t have access to a help desk team. 

It’s precisely in those out-of-normal office hour situations that IT problems can cause the maximum amount of downtime. 

In the worst-case situation, a simple IT issue that could be solved within 10 minutes on a call with a technician could end up halting production for an entire shift until someone becomes available the next day. 

That’s not an issue you’ll encounter with the right help desk outsourcing partner.

While the aim of all customer support services is to resolve issues over the phone, there are times when an on-site visit is necessary. In such cases, you don’t want to end up waiting for days to solve a relatively simple hardware problem. 

When you partner with the right service desk outsourcing company, you’ll quickly find that such issues can still be dealt with in a fast and efficient way. 

Being able to rely on not just a team of technicians over the phone but also on service technicians that can call out to your office will give you added peace of mind that you can maximize your productivity.



We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.


While there are many operational and financial advantages favoring the outsourcing of help desk services, it’s important to also be aware of a few risks. 

Understanding these will ensure that you don’t make a poor decision in choosing the right help desk company with the right service levels.

When you hire an outside service provider to take care of your help desk needs, then you don’t have a direct influence on the level of training they receive. That can limit the ability to resolve problems as fast as you might like. 

You also don’t have a say in who the company hires and what kind of experience level help desk agents need to have. 

This is an important factor, as you will be giving another company and its employees’ access to your internal systems. This gives them a direct point of access, and you have to take additional precautions to protect your data. 

It’s also possible that a breach at the help desk provider provides access to your systems. This is where it’s important to address minimum security standards before you choose a service provider.

And finally, by outsourcing all or large parts of your help desk needs, you won’t build a level of knowledge and expertise in-house. 

This makes you more reliant on such services now and in the future, so you have to be prepared to look at such a service as a long-term investment and relationship. 

But all these risks point to one solution, and that’s finding the most experienced and reliable help desk outsourcing teams available. 

But before we show you our commitment to clients, let’s first take a look at the financial benefits.


In order to make an assessment of your return on investment for IT help desk services, you have to look at it from several different angles. 

  • First call resolution: the faster your IT issues are analyzed and fixed, the lower the impact will be on your productivity. 
  • Reduced staff costs: you won’t need to hire, train, and manage in-house staff or provide office space and equipment.
  • Competitive service level agreements: with detailed SLAs, you can measure responsiveness and resolutions. 
  • Access to issue escalation channels: resolve complex problems with the help of trained engineers who can deal with escalations fast. 
  • Maximized IT productivity: by reducing system and application downtime to a minimum, you will achieve maximum productivity. 

Once you add up all the benefits for your organization that come with help desk outsourcing, you’ll quickly see that you’ll achieve a sizable ROI. And you gain all of this with predictable and fixed monthly costs.


Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we have developed long-term relationships with clients by delivering industry-leading managed help desk services. 

One of the most common reasons that your employees will need IT support is going to be off-the-shelf software. Some of the most typical issues people encounter relate to PC operating systems, network connection issues, email clients, browsers, customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), Microsoft 365, and database tools. 

The more you rely on these tools for your daily operational processes, the less you can afford to end up waiting for someone to be able to help you.

Our team has developed best practice documents and proven solutions for all types of common and less common problems in a wide range of software. And with these proven troubleshooting processes, you’ll have access to extremely fast resolution times that are leading in the outsourced help desk services industry. 

No matter how well you look after your IT systems, hardware failures can and will eventually happen. But it’s not always like you can easily determine whether an issue is software or hardware related. 

With our service desk outsourcing team, we aim to eliminate any obvious and less obvious software issues over the phone by taking you through troubleshooting steps. 

But at some stage, the diagnostic steps can become more complex, and that is where our agents can provide remote control assistance. This is where we remotely access your systems and do a deep-dive analysis to identify possible hardware issues. 

And if we find such problems, we can also arrange for a technician or engineer to visit your office and fix the problem.

Our team at Charlotte IT Solutions also offers expert support for common network issues that your staff may encounter. It can be frustrating and extremely unproductive to have staff arrive in the office and be unable to get access to files and emails due to network connection issues. 

In most cases, our troubleshooting procedures will resolve these issues on a client PC. But sometimes, the underlying issues can be down to incorrect access settings on different network systems. 

Our team can handle those cases as well by remotely handling user access administration. And by using outsourced help desk services in this way, you can free up your internal support staff and engineers to handle the bigger problems and projects.

The majority of modern businesses will have at least some reliance on mobile technology. These include smartphones and tablets but can also include specialized devices for managing sales and inventory. 

We have encountered many organizations where these mobile devices can bring operations to a standstill. These are typically not just devices to check emails and instant messages but can involve critical parts of your business. 

With our service desk outsourcing solution, you’ll have a partner who has the experience and expertise to deal with many common issues that your staff might encounter on their mobile devices.

It can be extremely satisfying to pick up the phone because of a frustrating problem and have a help desk agent guide you through the analysis and resolution in a matter of minutes. 

Not only does it feel great to deal quickly with problems, but your productivity won’t suffer either. 

One way of making that process even more efficient is to allow a help desk agent to remotely access your PC and solve the problem. Rather than spend several minutes explaining what button to click and which menu options to choose, our service desk outsourcing team can do this in a way that’s practically like having someone come to your desk to fix a problem for you. 

This can drastically speed up the resolution process and means that your staff spends even less time on a phone trying to resolve problems.

In addition to all the common off-the-shelf software that our help desk services can support, we also have experience and expertise in specialized industries. 

Our team supports businesses in health care, financial services, dental practices, public and private schools, and manufacturing businesses. That has given us a unique perspective into many specialized systems so that gives our clients the confidence they need in our help desk outsourcing team.


Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we have taken a unique approach in order to tailor help desk services to the individual needs of our clients. We don’t believe that a one-size-fits-all solution is a good way to ensure businesses have the support they need. 

Let us illustrate our commitment with some examples. 

We have many small business clients that have ten employees where having an in-house IT team is simply not financially and operationally feasible. For such clients, we offer a full range of managed IT solutions to take care of all desktop and network systems as well as communication and network management. We also offer these clients full help desk support to deal with IT issues efficiently. 

We also work with medium-sized businesses that have over 100 employees and a dedicated IT and network support employee. Such an IT employee can quickly become overwhelmed with the workload from dozens of support calls. 

In these situations, we offer clients a Tier 1 support solution, where our team handles all the desktop support calls while an in-house employee handles larger issues, hardware repairs, and system upgrade projects. 

No matter what kind of solution you need, we can tailor a support package to your needs.



If you want to find out how much more efficient your organization can become with outsourced help desk services, then contact our team today. 

We have been supporting small and medium-sized businesses across North and South Carolina and have built long-lasting and strong relationships with our clients. With a commitment to making your business become more effective and efficient, you’ll quickly see the benefits of this service desk outsourcing approach. 

Call us today for a free consultation, and we’ll guide you through how the entire process works.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.