Server Virtualization Services


In order for small and medium-sized businesses to maintain their competitiveness in a globally changing IT world, taking a new look at how server resources are used is a vital step.

It’s a critical step in digital transformation, and taking on a project for moving away from physical servers managed in-house can end up causing a lot of stress and downtime.

The big challenge for smaller organizations is project managing such transitions to virtualization services. And that’s where Charlotte IT Solutions has become a leading service provider to all types of businesses in the Carolinas.


The computing needs of small and mid-sized businesses are continuously changing and seem to progressively demand more financial and technical capital as the years go on.

The demand for technical resources can be felt when business owners are trying to solve today’s business problems with yesterday’s solutions, such as running their technology and software predominantly on traditional servers.

One of the technical issues a business owner may run into while operating on a traditional server is having difficulty running multiple operating systems and applications at the same time on a single physical server.

But modern technology can provide advanced solutions that provide cost-effective scalability.

Companies that have complex setups for in-house servers often end up spending a lot of their IT budget on the acquisition, maintenance, and running of this infrastructure. But shifting towards server virtualization can reduce the number of servers needed as well as the running costs.

With our server virtualization services at Charlotte IT Solutions, we can help resolve the limitations you may have with your traditional physical server by helping you run multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously and virtually on one machine.

Not only can our server virtualization solutions help your business be more flexible by running different types of operating system on a single server, but we can also make sure that your server is running optimally as it distributes its workload among several virtual servers at once.

This reduces your overall resource and power consumption while giving you more computing power for fluctuating business needs.

When businesses don’t fully align their IT projects with business goals, they can quickly end up with unnecessary expenses that don’t support growth. The solution to this is a strategic approach to aligning goals with server virtualization solutions.

At Charlotte IT Solutions, we want to help you get the most out of your IT business resources. Our server virtualization services will help cut down on how much your business spends on unused resources.

Based on your business needs at that moment, we can add to, take away, or make adjustments to your virtual servers. And by virtualizing your servers, you can cut down on the amount of money and time you spend buying and managing physical server hardware.

Our server virtualization service can also provide the option to harness the power of multiple servers should your business growth demand it.


Here at Charlotte IT solutions, we have decades worth of combined experience on our team when it comes to starting up, maintaining, and optimizing a virtual server environment.

Based on our experience, we know what it takes to quickly, efficiently, and safely reconstruct your physical environment to a more virtual solution.

Whether you want to start virtualizing your servers today or are simply in the midst of thinking about how it might improve your business, we will make sure to lead the technology for your business down the right path.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.


When it comes to providing advice and support for virtual machines, we never recommend one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, we take a tailored approach to each client to ensure they invest in the best virtual server resources and achieve maximum ROI.

In order to create the ideal virtual desktop infrastructure, you don’t want to just look at the most basic system installations. While for some companies, that will provide improved efficiency and productivity, it’s not the best practice for maximizing business value.

Our team at Charlotte IT Solutions can help you with advanced installations for multiple virtual machines and a complex data center setup.

Not only can that help improve system speed, bandwidth, and location-independent accessibility, but you gain a lot of redundancy protection for improved business continuity.

One of the major advanced features that server virtualization provides is the ability to have access to more than one operating system.

Whether you need a Windows and Linux server to host enterprise resource planning tools or you want access to desktop virtualization that delivers specialized platforms for your different teams, there are many different configurations to consider.

The problem is having the necessary expertise in-house to figure out the ideal setup to support your business processes. And that’s where hiring an outsourced team at Charlotte IT Solution can provide instant access to such expertise.

Once you get into the space of setting up multiple virtual servers for speed and bandwidth improvements, then you can achieve some serious efficiency gains.

IMost business owners require server virtualization for some of their most business-critical processes and data. And in many cases, that involves sensitive data like patient records, financial information, and personal details.

Leaving that kind of data without an advanced security system to protect it could end up resulting in a cyberattack, serious fines, and a permanently damaged reputation.

With our server virtualization solutions, we can centralize all your virtual operating system and data center security in one place and build state-of-the-art protection that will remove all vulnerabilities.

As part of your digital transformation process, you need to decide whether a public or private cloud server virtualization solution will better suit your needs. But unless you know how each of these options would support your organization, it’s a difficult decision that could result in a lower ROI.

To decide between the types of server virtualization software available, you need to understand the technical advantages and limitations of each and how it will impact your need for managing server resources.

And that requires carefully balancing the advantages and disadvantages to get the best results for your business.

Our team at Charlotte IT Solutions will guide you through the process and ensure that you make a decision that best suits your present and future needs.


If you’re struggling to maintain individual physical servers in-house, or need to find out more about how migrating your server resources would work, then call our dedicated team for a free consultation today.

We will fully assess your individual needs to come up with a tailored solution that suits your requirements and budget.

This will give you a scalable solution that can grow seamlessly with your business to provide all the benefits of server virtualization.

This will be one phone call that could transform your IT infrastructure.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.