Server Virtualization Services

Why you need server virtualization

The computing needs of small and mid-sized businesses are continuously changing and seem to progressively demand more financial and technical capital as the years go on. The demand on technical resources can be felt when business owners are trying to solve today’s business problems with yesterday’s solutions–such as running their technology and software predominantly on traditional servers. One of the technical issues a business owner may run into while operating on a traditional server is having difficulty running multiple operating systems and applications at the same time on a single traditional server.

Our server virtualization services experts

Here at Charlotte IT solutions, we have decades worth of combined experience on our team when it comes to starting up, maintaining and optimizing a virtual environment. Based off of our experience, we know what it takes to quickly, efficiently and safely reconstruct your physical environment to a more virtual solution. Whether you want to start virtualizing your severs today or are simply in the midst of thinking about it might improve your business, let us know and we will make sure to lead the technology of you and your business down the right path.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.

How We Help You

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How Server Virtualization Services Save You Money

With our server virtualization services here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we can help remedy the limitations you may have with your traditional server by helping you run multiple operating systems and applications simultaneously and virtually on one machine. Not only can our server virtualization service help your business be more flexible by running different types of operating systems on a single server but we can also make sure that your server is running optimally as it distributes its workload among several servers at once. This reduces your overall resource and power consumption while giving you more computing power for your business needs of today.

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Allocate Your Business Resources to Things That Matter Most

At Charlotte IT Solutions, we want to help you make the most out of your business resources. Our server virtualization services will help cut down on how much your small-business spends on unused resources. Based off of your business needs in that moment, we can add to, take away or make adjustments to your virtual servers. By virtualizing your servers, you can cut down on the amount money and time you spend buying and managing physical hardware. Our server virtualization service can also given the option to harness the power of multiple servers too should your business needs demand it.