Virtual Desktops & DaaS Solutions

Offering DaaS and desktop virtualization for small businesses

What is desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and how can it benefit your organization? DaaS is a virtual desktop infrastructure that is outsourced to a third party. Another name for this is hosted desktop services. There are many benefits that comes along with embracing DaaS into your organization. For starters, it is cost effective compared to traditional workstations. In addition, there is better security, mobility and flexibility. We offer a full-range DaaS virtualization service that can help keep your business in pace with the demanding needs of today’s workforce. With this solution, you are eliminating the need to keep archaic traditional hardware and devices that can eat up your office space.  Users will have the ability to access apps and desktops from their device at the comfort of their environment, anywhere, anytime.  Charlotte IT Solutions Workspace DaaS can be compatible with applications such as Microsoft Office and Outlook.

Our SaaS solutions and SaaS managed services

desktop virtualization for small business

Benefits to our Partnership

  • Simplifying desktop delivery
  • Reducing costs
  • Managing desktop resources
  • Data security
  • Desktop OS Deployment
  • Accessing from multiple devices

desktop virtualization for small business

Assistance with DaaS

Charlotte IT Solutions partners with AWS (Amazon Workspaces) to host virtual desktop services. Doing so allows us to help your business and employees become more flexible and efficient; while cutting out overhead costs and giving you a sense of security around data protection.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.

How DaaS works

Through an internet connection, an organization can access DaaS by a browser. The browser then works with a connection broker to securely access the desktop of the employee. Next, the virtual desktop is running on a server as its own independent virtual machine. By integrating DaaS into your company’s IT structure, Charlotte IT Solutions can help ensure that your data is hosted on a secure, dedicated, customizable and fully-isolated cloud servers hosted in our state-of-the art data centers. The final step remaining is that you and your team need only to log into our Workspaces through a virtual desktop portal from their device so that they can access their personal hosted workspace. Charlotte IT Solutions Workspaces is fully-functional across all devices such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets – irrespective of the brand or operating system of the device. Additionally, we include many common applications with the service such as Microsoft Office.

Let us help with DaaS

The Return on Investment can be significant when using a virtual desktop infrastructure. If you have determined that a virtual desktop infrastructure is right for you, we can be the right provider to help you implement a cost-effective Workspace. By using our technical experts to help guide you, we can find the right solution for your organization.