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We believe web design is all about user experience. To enhance that experience, our responsive design automatically adjusts for content navigation, resizing, scrolling, and panning features to heighten the readability of your website. As a result, the content, message, and product or service displayed on your website works unhindered on just about any device’s screen, be it computer, mobile phone, tablet, etc.

With the aim of providing the best user experience underscoring our services, we make use of up-to-date website crafting that will guarantee that you attract a variety of audiences.

While we boast of a solid creative, our promise of setting up impeccable user experiences is built on more than just creativity. We pride ourselves on offering real world business solutions. Our websites are crafted keeping in mind your unique audiences to offer a user experience that best delivers the spirit of your product or service.


Are you confused now that the website is set up? Is it frustrating to have to keep up the web housekeeping? Our website hosting and maintenance services help you keep your website up and running. Our plans have got your website covered on all fronts when it comes to routine bug fixes, disaster recovery, hacking and infiltration, and security exploits.

Still dazed? Let us start at the beginning. Your website needs a physical server to exist. This is the process of hosting. With the web industry expanding rapidly, hosting plans are available at economical rates. There’s a catch though. Alongside myriads of other websites on these servers, your website is susceptible to dangerous influence from the crowd, for instance: hacking, exploitation, etc. While economical, these plans can seldom protect your website from internal or external threats. So, you must ask yourself if you’re prepared to choose a cheaper plan at the cost of a dozen other messy issues.

At Charlotte IT Solutions, our protection policy is preventive as opposed to reactive. We believe in actively anticipating and preventing disturbances. If an issue does arise, we make sure to sweep the mess and fix the bug to allow your website to continue running unhindered.


Are you bugged? We’ve got you covered.

Software bugs are more common than you think. They often take up residence because of a software update, new browser release, or in untested/unexpected use-case. If left unattended, software bugs can wreak some serious havoc and hinder website use. You can rest assured because we will scavenge through server logs, test the front-end, evaluate the back-end to smash that bug and put you back up on line in no time.

Our team is available to extend support services and fix them in real time. We understand the horrors of a website crash and the consequences of it, and we are readily available to fix issues as soon as they come up.

What’s the secret to making it big on the web? Stay up-to-date.

Let’s face it: Stagnant websites rarely ever survive. If your website wants to attract and maintain its user base, it needs to grow and evolve. A website that offers nothing new to its customers would soon be forgotten. And while it’s true that you can’t possibly keep coming up with something new all the time, it is however, possible to keep designing a novel experience. The trick is to make sure your users encounter a unique presentation even if it is the same old content by adding new features or redesigning old ones.

That is where we can serve you best. Our team will sit with you to identify the best way to exhibit your product and services so that your website keeps evolving and continues to gain traction among the desired audience.

Got a problem? We’re here to help.

More often, clients seek help because they face problems that are too technical for them to tackle. We pride ourselves on timely client support ranging from adding new features, solving problems with up-time and performance, software bugs to dealing with other site limitations.

Our work involves developing a relationship of trust with the client to ensure that the clients understand the root of the problem, receive the desired fix, and can rest peacefully with the knowledge that their website is in good hands.

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