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There are very few businesses these days that don’t process cardholder data for various forms of payments. Whether you’re operating in a business-to-business or business-to-customer environment, cardholder data security has to be a conscious priority.

What many small and medium-sized companies don’t fully appreciate is the regulatory risks they are exposed to in regard to PCI DSS compliance. Lost or stolen payment card data can quickly become a major problem, especially if you don’t have all the necessary safeguards in place.

And while large corporations have dedicated IT security and regulatory compliance teams, that’s a luxury most smaller businesses can’t afford. That’s exactly why you should consider partnering with Charlotte IT Solutions to ensure you always remain PCI DSS compliant.


Since the early days of the Internet, cardholder data has been one of the focus points of cyber criminals. And payment card industry data security has become a major priority for financial institutions and governments worldwide.

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a set of regulations that requires all businesses to protect cardholder data and sensitive authentication data from falling into the wrong hands.

But developing the right systems and safeguards to ensure maximum cardholder data security and, ultimately, PCI DSS compliance, requires more than just having a secure payment system on a website.

Most companies, directly and indirectly, store and transmit cardholder data through their IT systems and even in person in a store or over the phone. And because there can be multiple access points to such data, it’s vital that you fully protect it from the constant presence of data breach threats.

Not only will PCI compliance save you from costly audits, fines, and penalties, but failing to implement all PCI DSS requirements could also cause a lot of reputational damage.

Unfortunately, many companies try to manage this process without the help of experts because they simply don’t have the luxury of employing a team of IT and PCI DSS compliance experts.

But with an outsourced service like Charlotte IT Solutions offers, you can become PCI DSS compliant at a fraction of the cost and without all the stress that comes with trying to manage this yourself.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.


Before you can start tackling PCI DSS requirements, you first have to understand what kind of data you’re collecting, where you’re storing it, and how you protect cardholder data when you pass it on to third parties.

Most business owners we have asked these questions can’t provide a detailed enough answer. And without a detailed answer, you simply can’t maintain secure systems and prevent a data breach.

That’s why your first step has to be a comprehensive analysis of what payment information you’re collecting, how you are storing it, and where you pass it on for further processing.

Only then can you restrict physical access and prevent remote cyber criminals from finding a weak point to exploit.


It might seem like PCI compliance simply involves protecting data, but there are a lot of different systems involved in the processing of that information. You have separate systems that receive and transmit payment card data, and then there are protective technologies like firewalls, servers, and network routers.

Basically, if systems or devices in your IT infrastructure directly or indirectly provide support to securing PCI DSS compliance validation, then these will be in the scope of the regulations. That means that you don’t just need to have these systems in place, but they have to be configured and fully updated to ensure cardholder data doesn’t become vulnerable.


The biggest risk of breaking cardholder data security regulations is the impact of heavy fines, penalties, and even large legal fees resulting from lawsuits over data breaches.

You also have to factor in the reputational damage that major data breaches can have. Not only could you lose a lot of existing clients, but you could find it difficult to convince new clients that you’re able to handle their payment details and maintain full PCI compliance.

And if you can’t achieve PCI DSS compliance, you will discover financial services companies and many government agencies won’t be able to work with your business.


With over a decade of experience, our team at Charlotte IT Solutions has helped countless clients with achieving and maintaining PCI DSS compliance. In many cases, clients hire us due to a data breach or identified compliance issues, and we have always been able to rectify such problems.

This also puts us in a unique situation where we fully understand how different companies in different industries need to approach cardholder data security.

Before we can advise you on the exact PCI compliance solutions you need to implement, we first perform a full audit of your cardholder data environment. Our qualified security assessor will check all of the systems that come in contact with sensitive cardholder data and build out a full map.

We also use an advanced vulnerability management program to further identify weak points in your systems.

Only when such a full map becomes clear is it possible to identify individual PCI DSS requirements. This is also why we never offer a one-size-fits-all solution, as we understand that every business has its own unique IT infrastructure.

The next important part of ensuring PCI compliance is maintaining records and documentation of any business process changes you make that impact how, where, and when you handle payment-related information.

We have experienced this with clients who make changes like handling payments over the phone or introducing a new way to make online payments. And unless those new processes and systems have been fully assessed for vulnerabilities, you’ll quickly find yourself in breach of payment card industry data security rules.

What this requires is a conscious effort in your teams to raise any business process and system changes that could impact stored cardholder data. And our team can help you with that approach.

Achieving full PCI DSS compliance is only one hurdle that you will have to overcome. Maintaining that compliance and staying ahead of common cyber threats is a whole other challenge.

Here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we offer full-service packages where we use a combination of intelligent monitoring systems and human expertise to regularly test security systems for vulnerabilities.

Taking such a proactive approach ensures that you don’t stand out as an easy victim of sophisticated cyber attacks. And it will go a long way toward ensuring you keep your PCI DSS certification up-to-date.

Another critical part of PCI compliance involves educating your employees about the responsibilities they have in relation to customer payment data.

Some might handle details as part of compiling reports, while others might directly take payment details over the phone. Data breaches and security incidents can happen due to phishing and social hacking, and you need to train your employees to identify such issues.

Our team can provide you with onsite or online training courses that will help protect you and your organization. And the more security aware your teams become, the less likely you will become a major local news story with catastrophic consequences.

PCI compliance mainly involves how you store cardholder data, but there are additional layers of protection that you can build up to support remaining compliant and further protecting your business IT assets.

Just like having an alarm and security guard for your office, having multiple layers of advanced security and encryption around your data traffic will make criminals think twice.

The more likely you are to be the business that stands out because of a tiny vulnerability, the more likely you are to be attacked.

That’s why we offer our clients more comprehensive packages that include full network management and monitoring to protect all of your IT systems.

Taking one step further beyond just PCI compliance, Charlotte IT Solutions offers comprehensive managed IT packages to take care of all your IT needs.

We fully tailor this service to the individual needs of businesses and can offer everything from cloud integration to IT support and managing your phone systems. What you gain is all the support you would get from a dedicated in-house IT team at a fraction of the cost.

With the added peace of mind, you can focus on your core business and maximize your growth opportunities.


If you’ve encountered any kind of PCI compliance issues or you have concerns that your existing systems and processes don’t fully protect you and your customer data, then contact us today for a free consultation.

We will guide you through the process and provide you with service packages to your needs and budget. And because we have many years’ worth of experience providing such services to clients, we have the expertise to ensure you become and remain fully compliant.

This is one phone call that could secure your business future and even open up new opportunities.


We would love to show you how we can become your IT solutions business partner and customize a package for your IT needs.