Why Is IT Budget Planning Critical To Business Success?

IT budget planning

There are a few ultimately inevitable things when it comes to each new year: new resolutions to keep, new technology to catch up on, and new budgets to plan. 

Depending on your organization’s culture and the value of technology to your finance department, the latter can be a very daunting process. 

Whether you’re excited about the technological prospects or you’re already looking forward to the next new year, we’ve gathered a few tips to help you be more successful through the IT budget planning and approval process with your financial decision-makers. 

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Known Signs of Phishing Scams

signs of phishing scams

Phishing has become one of the fastest-growing threats to company IT systems. And the sophistication of these criminal practices is increasing every single year.

It has come to a stage where email is no longer the only place where criminals attempt to commit identity theft, and that has opened the door to an increase in successful hacking attempts.

Mobile users are now starting to see a lot of SMS phishing scams (aka smishing attacks), and that makes companies more vulnerable than they have been in a long time.

But let’s start with some phishing basics.

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Considerations for Remote Working: Technology, Team Building and Beyond!?

remote team building

In the last few years, people have made a rather seismic shift in their business’ overall daily operations. This likely included the move from in-person work to mostly online, remote work. If you already had software and protocols in place, this may have been a smooth transition.
However, if you didn’t, you likely hit a few snags along the way.

Thanks to some video conferencing programs like Zoom, many businesses, just like your own, may have found an initial footing in this strange new world of business.

One area you might be struggling with is managing your remote team. Instead of having everyone there on hand, your team members are now scattered throughout the region, making in-person communication difficult, and company-wide in-person gatherings all but impossible.

That is why you need to understand how to manage a remote team effectively.

It’s a form of management you may not have been forced to learn prior, but now that you’ve had a bit of time to experiment with the approach, it’s time to take a more formal approach to future proof your organization.

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Data Privacy Best Practices & How to Keep Customer Data Secure

data privacy best practices

As a small business owner, you might not realize just how at risk your company is to data thieves, hackers, and other Internet threats.

While data breaches at large corporations steal most of the headlines, it is local small businesses that predominantly receive the brunt of cyberattacks.

Why? Because small businesses tend to have weaker network defenses in place, which means it’s easier for cybercriminals to sneak past and siphon off all the important financial data saved.

Plus, a small business might never realize it was actually attacked, while larger corporations will identify these problems and generally make the necessary corrections quickly. To help protect yourself, your business, and your customers, you need to follow these data privacy best practices.

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All Thing BYOD Policy: From Security To Own Device Management Solutions

BYOD policy

One of the most effective ways to provide more flexibility when it comes to employees having more ways to do work is by allowing them to access company systems and data on their own devices.

Whether it’s checking email, instant messages, or just the status of a system outside office hours, there are plenty of ways employees could make use of their own smartphones.

But operating system vulnerabilities pose security risks to your corporate network and data, which is why you need to carefully plan out a BYOD policy.

Let me show you what’s involved.

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