Tips for Overcoming Barriers to a Smooth BYOD Policy

BYOD policy

Handing out work computers and phones is not only expensive, but it’s a thing of the past. Most employees don’t want to walk around with two cell phones at all times (one cell phone already takes up enough room in their pocket), and a work laptop will quickly turn into an at-home laptop that is used for work and pleasure. Instead, it’s far more affordable, and your employees will likely be far more comfortable bringing their own devices (BYOD). The BYOD revolution has been in the works for some time, and now it very much has taken the work world by storm. And yet, because you don’t have full control over what your employees do at home and what they use their computers for while away from the office, it does leave your business susceptible to outsider hacks and threats. Because of this, it is important, if you are considering a BYOD policy, to develop a concrete bring your own device policy that everyone needs to follow. It will make the transition over to BYOD smoother and help establish grounded guidelines designed to keep your business and its data safe. (more…)

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What to Include in a Year-end IT Infrastructure Review

it infrastructure review checklist

Every year, a successful business will perform a complete audit of itself. This audit needs to cover every aspect of the company and its production. While most of the time should be dedicated to performance, expansion, what is selling, what isn’t, and marketing approaches that proved beneficial during the previous year, you also need to look deeper into an IT infrastructure review. Creating an IT infrastructure review checklist will help outline what areas of the company’s IT network are lacking, what needs to be improved, and what are the most vulnerable. While a managed IT service provider such as our team here at Charlotte IT Solutions can help, here is a checklist for what to include in a year-end IT infrastructure review. (more…)

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The Biggest Cyber Vulnerabilities that Hackers are Feasting on Right Now

cyber vulnerabilities

Cyber hackers are a sneaky bunch. Sure, you have your run-of-the-mill hackers who aren’t all that good and just try the basic sneak attacks that have been around since the creation of email. But others are always on the lookout for quick and fool-proof ways of sneaking past cybersecurity to siphon off important data. You might be surprised about some of your network’s vulnerabilities because some are not what you might expect. Thankfully, by better educating yourself on these cyber vulnerabilities and by taking advantage of the IT vulnerability assessment services offered by our staff here at Charlotte IT Solutions, we can help make sure your cyber defensive systems are up and ready to protect you against any Internet-based attack. (more…)

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Why Small Businesses Need Cyber Security: Small Businesses Are Attacked by Hackers 3x More than Larger Ones

why small businesses need cybersecurity

There’s no denying businesses of all shapes and sizes are continually in the crosshairs of cybercriminals. It doesn’t take long to uncover news stories regarding multi-billion dollar international corporations on the receiving end of data breaches, which in turn costs them tens, if not hundreds of millions of dollars in upfront losses. These numbers don’t even take into account the amount of money lost when a percentage of customers never shop with the business again (or at least an extended period of time), nor the amount of money the corporation pays out in legal fees. In all, many of these companies eventually shell out well over a billion dollars in funds with the various costs associated with a data breach. (more…)

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MSP vs MSSP: Let us Break It Down For You

msp vs mssp

Unless you work specifically in the world of network security, there are all kinds of terms and technology that may prove confusing. This is especially the case when it comes to abbreviated acronyms for equipment and applications often implemented into office networks. Two, in particular, include MSP and MSSP. Both of these services are similar, yet there are many differences. Due to this, whether you have questions about MSP vs MSSP, you’re considering the installation of one, but you want to make sure the other isn’t better, or you simply want to know the difference for your own knowledge, here at Charlotte IT Solutions we want to break down the similarities and differences between MSP and MSSP. (more…)

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