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From end users devices such as laptops, desktops and smartphones to servers, virtualization, Office 365, Security and IT optimization – we cover your entire network both onsite and off-premise. Our managed IT services are provided by an engineering team that is not only highly skilled, but constantly keeping up with the latest trends and technologies.

Our managed services are the most sought after service that we provide here at Charlotte IT Solutions because of its high versatility and common usefulness. This is a service that is beneficial to any company that is looking to grow and get ahead all the while saving money in the long run.

We can provide your company with a piece of mind as you know that you will never have to worry about your companies computer technology not performing well. This jack of all trades service is a key service for any company to employ, no matter if it is small, medium, or an enterprise.


Our Clients Include

– Health Care and Medical Practice

– Manufacturing

– Logistics

– Real Estate

– Distribution

– Financial Services

– Law

– Food Service’s


A reduction in your company’s expenses and a clear ROI.

A piece of mind that comes from 24/7 monitoring and management that employs a proactive approach.

Resources that you can allocate to strategic project management instead of day-to-day management.

Access to our highly trained specialists.

Predictable payments that won’t catch you off-guard.

Those benefits are great for any company and are universal. They don’t only benefit large enterprises and they don’t only benefit small companies, they benefit all. Furthermore, we utilize only the best technologies in our managed services which allow your business to run smoothly without a hitch.

Now, you have probably noticed that “managed services” is plural and this is because there are multiple services that your company receives.


Consultants that will walk you and your employees through problems via the phone or take control of your desktop via remote desktop technology.

Proactive monitoring of your network, workstations, and servers.

Monitoring of your back up files.

Monitoring of your virus protection.

Monitoring of your E-mail and Database systems

Monitoring and installation of critical patches and security updates

Ongoing maintenance and planning by our consultants.

Those services are instrumental in running a successful business because they allow your employees to focus on their jobs and not on their computers. This ultimately improves the efficiency of your company and improves your bottom line.

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