Managed IT Services Morganton NC

Managed IT Services in Morganton, NC

  • Clean monthly fees with no “hidden charges.”
  • Unlimited support without the worry of “going over allowed hours.”
  • Fast response times without “not hearing from anyone.”
  • Open communication versus “we don’t know what they do.”
  • Strategic planning for technology instead of “just being reactive.”
  • A Security-First approach that doesn’t leave you “open to major cyber risk.”

With its roots and naming dating back to a Revolutionary War hero, Daniel Morgan, Morganton, NC, is a small town that is home to many different industries and state and municipal organizations.

And if you’re lucky enough to call Morganton your base for a business, then you have to ensure that you have the best possible information technology systems to connect you to the national and international economy.

Whether you’re running a dental practice, law firm, or financial service provider, you have to make sure that all of your information technology is carefully handled by one of the leading managed service providers in North Carolina.

Our Managed IT Services Company

Our team at Charlotte IT Solutions has built a reputation of being one of the leading managed service providers for the healthcare, dental, legal, and financial sectors. But our expertise in communication and information technology can be applied to any small or medium-sized business in Morganton.

One of the difficulties that smaller organizations and businesses have often comes down to not being able to compete with large corporations because of limited budgets for gaining access to the latest technologies.

But what many business owners don’t realize is that it’s entirely possible to achieve a similar information technology infrastructure with a limited budget by outsourcing IT needs to a managed services company.

We offer a full range of solutions, from strategic information technology guidance and planning to network installation and monitoring, as well as full data security and malware protection.

And we do this in a way that allows clients to focus entirely on their business operations with the peace of mind that their IT hardware, software, and security won’t hold them back from achieving business success.

Our IT Services For Morganton, NC

We offer several important services to business owners in Morganton. These include:

Leverage Technology Enhancements

Communication and information technology are at the heart of pretty much every modern business. And you simply can’t afford to run into IT issues that limit your company’s ability to support further growth and success.

And that success is much easier when you don’t just look at information technology as a few pieces of hardware and software.

All companies these days have the same access to innovative technology solutions, and we have helped all of our clients get the absolute most out of their information technology budgets.

You don’t need large corporation-level investment capabilities to make a huge impression on your customers.

There are often far cheaper and easier-to-manage enterprise software and infrastructure solutions available that still allow you to compete with your larger competitors.

And we make it our business to fully understand our clients and their business operations so that you have the best possible support from your IT investments, including managed security services Morganton NC.

Integrate IT Support Morganton NC Services

What even small companies realize is that communication and information technology can sometimes fail no matter how well you monitor and look after them.

And relying on the expertise of IT support Morganton NC quickly comes down to how well they are equipped to solve your problems and how fast their response times are.

Unfortunately, too many businesses learn the hard way that many managed services companies don’t focus enough attention on fast resolutions, leaving you waiting for a response to a hardware or software problem that could hurt your bottom line.

And that’s one area that our team at Charlotte IT Solutions has built a great reputation with the companies we’ve been serving for many years.

We make sure that all of our staff have the training and expertise to handle all kinds of issues to ensure effective IT management.



Responsive and proactive ongoing management of your entire network to keep your business up and running.


Ongoing protection and security monitoring from the latest threats and hackers.


We sit with you to strategially plan your technology and deploy your projects.


We become your trusted technology management partner so you can focus on running your business.


We provide expert cybersecurity protection, industry compliance and regulation assistance that meet cyber insurance standards.


Our team provides detailed asset management and proactively reports on device health.


Our team can handle your challenges quickly through remote support directly with your team.


Ongiong reporting and strategic calls will provide an executive summary of our performance.


Our technicians work for us and are spread throughout the Carolina's for fast onsite support if needed.

Our Commitment To You

No matter how large or small your budget for information technology is, we can provide all the IT support in Morganton, NC, you need to fully outsource this part of your vital company technology.

As one of North Carolina’s leading managed service providers, we make it our business to fully understand how your company operates.

That allows you to then rely on our experience and expertise to ensure that your technology requirements never become an unexpected barrier to further business growth.

You’ll have the peace of mind that comes with being able to focus on your own client management, knowing that you can rely on your systems to keep up with your progress.

We keep great company

“Working with CITS has been an absolute pleasure. We have a problem, contact them, and a solution is acted upon. They work how IT should work, and experiencing that has been refreshing.”

– Buck Rackley,

“CITS has been providing our IT support for some time. I am pleased with their sense of urgency, pro-activity and level of expertise when assisting us. I feel they go beyond expectations in addressing our concerns promptly.”
– December Johnson, University Eye Associates

Team Up With Morganton’s Leading Managed IT Service Providers

No matter what kind of communication and information technology needs you have, call our team today for a free consultation.

We can take care of all the planning, development, and execution requirements to ensure you always have the best systems in place to support your business growth.

You’ll never need to worry about your IT solutions letting you down, and even when the unexpected happens, we’ll be there to analyze and fix those issues.

For Managed IT Services Morganton NC based companies should call us today to find out why so many companies in Morganton rely on us to take care of their technology needs.


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