What is Meant by Software as a Service? Our Guide:

what is meant by software as a service

Up until recently, when you wanted an upgraded version of the software, you would either go to the local electronics store and purchase the upgrade or, later on, you would be prompted to purchase the update online and then download it to your computer. Some software titles still have you do something along these lines. However, a large percentage of applications have moved to subscription-based. Another name for this is software-as-a-service (or SaaS). Depending on the program and how you use it, you may love or hate this. However, as a business owner with employees now scattered out not only in greater Charlotte but around the region (and even the globe), software-as-a-service can prove especially beneficial for the entire company.

So, suppose you’re interested in improving the functionality of your business without dropping a large amount of money on software licenses. In that case, you need to look further into subscription software to see just what it can do for you.


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