Understanding the Cost of Managed IT Services

cost of managed it services

As I embark on exploring the fascinating realm of understanding the cost of managed IT services, I can’t help but be captivated by the complex factors that come into play. Delving into this subject, we’ll uncover the various elements that contribute to the pricing of these services. From the intricacies of infrastructure to the expertise of IT professionals, each aspect plays a vital role in determining the cost. So join me on this journey as I navigate through the intricate landscape of managed IT services and shed light on the factors that drive its pricing.

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Your Guide to All Things to Managed IT Service Providers

what is a managed service provider

Large businesses often have a dedicated IT staff on hand. With the amount of information running through the business and the need to maintain a large infrastructure, having on-site IT professionals both day and night makes sense. 

However, as a small to medium-sized business, this is not something you need. Your company simply does not generate the kind of data volume to need a team of IT specialists on-site. 

And yet, you still need someone to help maintain your network, including handling Internet security, performing updates, and even recommending software to enhance your user experience.

Paying a full-time employee to do this doesn’t make sense, as they likely won’t have a ton to do throughout the course of an average day, so paying a salary, plus benefits, social security, and other expenses, can quickly add up. 

A far better alternative involves hiring a managed service provider (MSP).


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Check Out Our Top Security and IT Solutions for the Education Industry

IT solutions for education industry

The past two years have forced the education industry to look at itself and find ways to upgrade its internal IT department in order to ensure its students receive the same quality of education and care, even if they must remain at home. Districts and service providers throughout the United States were not prepared for what hit in 2020, but through trial and error, organizations such as your own were able to move forward. (more…)

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IT Security Threats and the Importance of IT Support for your Dental Practice

IT support for dental offices

When working in any kind of medical field, your firm has additional security measure requirements that are above and beyond what other firms and businesses must adhere to. These are put in place by the federal government to help safeguard personal health information and prevent that data from being stolen and sold. On top of the necessity of protecting your patient’s health records, you also need to protect their financial records, their insurance information, as well as their basic contact data. Your dental practice is held in higher regard than just about any other industry in the United States, which is why it is so important to partner with a service provider that offers IT support for dental offices. At Charlotte IT Solutions, that is exactly what our locally owned and an operated company does. (more…)

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Who is Managing your Office Operating Equipment?

office operating equipment

Many businesses consider hiring a professional IT provider as unnecessary, or even a waste of money. They believe that their own IT skills are sufficient to ensure the smooth operation of their business. Unfortunately, this is a common mistake that can cost your business time and money, and have a lot of negative consequences for your employees. Do you believe you can stay ahead of your competitors with your office operating equipment

Do you feel confident in the abilities of your employees to ensure that your business is efficient and productive?   (more…)

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