A Second Look at Your Hybrid Workforce

As part of the solution to the pandemic, many companies have moved from traditional offices to a hybrid workforce model over the past two years. Many employees are returning to work, but there is limited physical capacity, so many companies will need to adjust to accommodate everyone. A hybrid workforce can be a long-term solution for many businesses down the road.

Teamwork Is the Key to Connecting Everyone

Employees in a hybrid workplace environment are divided into teams. Some work at the office, while others work remotely. This allows for social distancing and a balance between home and the office.

Management faces the challenge of unifying their team and working together despite employees who live in different locations. A hybrid solution is the best option for this situation. The working system includes tools such as a stable network infrastructure, reliable and well-organized features that increase productivity. These tools also allow employees to seamlessly coordinate with their colleagues within the company, ensuring a consistent and cohesive workflow.

The Benefits of  The Hybrid Workforce 

A hybrid workforce system’s main purpose is to achieve balanced work productivity and maintain consistent team effort, regardless of where workers are located. A hybrid workforce provides many benefits for both the employee and employer. In addition to the obvious benefit of allowing businesses to continue to operate in the face of the pandemic, it also offers the opportunity to provide multiple benefits for the employees. Many employers are now using the hybrid system in their permanent work arrangements because of these advantages.

Decrease Physical and Emotional Anxiety

Although the pandemic has been ongoing for nearly two years, it is not even near to being over. Many people are still hesitant to use public transport. You also run the risk of being exposed to a public WIFI environment for many hours at a stretch. These minor issues can be eliminated with a hybrid workforce system.

More Economical

A hybrid setup can dramatically lower expenses for the employer in terms of office maintenance and rental space. This will free up funds to support other business aspects, for the employees will no longer need to commute daily. You will be able to control your budget by reducing the cost.

More Resources at Your Fingertips

Employers can hire not only local talent but also international talents in a hybrid arrangement. Employers have the ability to hire workers from all parts of the globe. It is simple to stay ahead of your competition with the many online IT management services.

Take a Cue from Microsoft’s Hybrid Workforce Approach

It is not an easy task to migrate any business into a hybrid workforce environment. This process takes time. Microsoft developed tools and a method easy to follow that could help us all navigate into the workforce transition.

If you have not yet taken any steps to shift to a hybrid system, now is the perfect time to go through Microsoft’s Hybrid Work: A Guide for Business Leaders. This guide will help you understand the importance of making the transition. It can be beneficial for your company and your employees. Learn how to successfully make the transition.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is just one of many innovative tools Microsoft has created to support hybrid workplace environments. It connects remote workers to the office with tools that are flexible, secure, powerful, and easy to use. You can also use ZOOM and similar programs if you don’t want to use the Microsoft Suite.

We Can Help You Level Up Your Hybrid Workforce Game

An MSP can help you achieve maximum productivity from your hybrid workforce. As your business shifts to online use, we can offer technical support and security. To keep you ahead of your competition, we use the most up-to-date tools. We also offer support in the areas of software, hardware, data storage, as well as online. Contact us today to learn how to flawlessly integrate your existing work setup into an efficient hybrid workforce system.



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Artificial Intelligence (AI): Where is it going?

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a concept that most people have come to believe in today. It began with the fantasies of computers taking over the world. This was largely because of the way AI was depicted in motion pictures from decades ago. Many of us don’t realize that this new technology is in daily use. Many of these technologies are already part of our daily lives. There are many AI SMB business processes available that can be used to speed up and ensure growth and success for small and medium-sized business owners. We will talk more about these in the article.

A Brief History of AI

It is not known when and where the idea of artificial intelligence originated. Dartmouth College was the first to start research in artificial intelligence. Millions of dollars were spent there on funding what would prove to be expensive dead ends because of the unanticipated complexities. After that, the lack of progress made AI research and development a rollercoaster ride with investors getting excited and losing interest.

AI was first used in the real world after the turn of the century. AI is not only used in academics but also in practical applications. The integration of AI into research, education, and industry has been possible thanks to new technology. These include e-commerce and gaming as well as automobiles, healthcare, and agriculture.

AI is a Crucial Element In the Future

Today, AI is already a part of many of the critical processes required for the management of any business. This includes AI SMB automated business procedures, processes, and functions. It has enabled many advancements in areas such as inventory management, online selling, and cybersecurity. These are all essential to the success of any business.

Many AI SMB business processes can be applied to businesses in many industries. These include order processing, purchasing, and quality assurance. Others are industry-specific and include medical assessment, drug approval, or trip bookings for the healthcare sector or agent billing for the travel industry.

Automating Small and Medium Businesses with Common Processes

Let’s take a look at simple yet effective automation processes that can increase productivity and improve revenue for small and medium businesses.

Email Auto-Responder

It can be frustrating for customers to reach out to you and not receive a response for several months. This could lead them to have a negative impression of your company. You can prevent this with an auto-responder that adds a personal touch. You can direct your email to your sales team via the automation process, so they can take over as quickly as possible.

Marketing Automation

Many CRM and Customer Relationship Management systems have a marketing automation function that allows you to send an email to all contacts. This will turn them into sales leads for your company.

Scheduling Software

This automation saves time and eliminates the need to book appointments. The system will schedule your meetings automatically and notify everyone by updating the calendar.

Chat Bots

Chatbots are a great tool to help your customers find answers to their questions. It can take some effort to set up a chatbot. Once the chatbot is set up, AI will take control and make it fully automated.

MSP Services Keeps You up-to-date with the Latest AI features

Moving towards an AI SM future, automated business processes will be a regular part of our daily lives, is what we are doing. You can use the most recent Artificial Intelligence features to help grow your business. Get in touch with us today to upgrade your system for the New Year.


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Cybersecurity Insurance to Protect Your Data

Many companies are concerned about cybersecurity. Cybersecurity is a major concern for online businesses, especially small and medium ones. You can take out reliable cybersecurity insurance to prepare for these unexpected attacks. You can recover any losses that you may have in the event of a cyber-attack by having this coverage.

Cyberattacks are becoming more common as cybercriminals continue to innovate. They are constantly innovating new ways to outstrip security software that IT companies have created. As a business owner, you must be vigilant and ensure that your data and network are safe. Do you have the most up-to-date cybersecurity technology in your business? You probably don’t have time for such things if you’re like most business people.

Cybersecurity Insurance Can Help You Increase your Protection 

A comprehensive cybersecurity insurance plan is a wise investment. Even though you may have an apparent level of protection, hackers can still penetrate your virtual walls. These hackers are very skilled at what they do. A cybersecurity insurance plan can help you at least recover some of your losses and damages if the unthinkable happens.

MSP Standards for Cybersecurity Insurance

When choosing a managed service provider to work your cybersecurity insurance, you must be more selective. Your MSP can assist you with most of the information required to complete the form. You, the business owner, must complete the form and not leave it to your MSP.

It is an excellent idea to inquire if a Managed Service Provider has the resources to help you find a trustworthy cybersecurity agent. You will find the right agent by their network of contacts. If you prefer, you can find an agent by yourself, but be cautious of scammers like fly-by-night firms that suddenly become unreachable when it is time to file a claim.

All businesses should consider cyber insurance. It will not make your business immune to cybercrime. The MSP should still provide top-quality security solutions for your business, even after you have signed a trustworthy policy. Your business will be safer if you have high-quality protection.

It is Important to Choose the Right MSP

Cybersecurity insurance protects your company against financial losses caused by cyber-attacks. This plan might include financial loss coverage, Data breaches, data thefts, ransomware, ransomware extortion payments, system and network takeovers, and company losses. If you keep sensitive data on a local server at your office, this coverage is even more critical. Hackers can easily hack into these systems, making them easy targets. You should look into cyber insurance if this is the case.

Let’s discuss how cyber insurance, security, and protection can assist your business’ growth and success over the next year. An experienced MSP can handle these procedures. We recommend that you investigate them. Experts predict that cybercrime will increase in 2022. Let us know if you are interested in protecting your assets! Contact us today!





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5 Reasons Why You Should Have Cybersecurity Insurance

cybersecurity insurance

Cybersecurity insurance is also known as cyber insurance or cyber liability insurance, is an option that your business can have to reduce data loss. For a fee, a cybersecurity insurance policy will transfer some risk from your business to the insurance company. 

Although all insurance types have existed for many decades, cybersecurity insurance has just emerged it is relatively new. Businesses that purchased cybersecurity insurance were among the first to adopt it. Cybersecurity policies need to be updated and adapted frequently, due to the fluctuating nature of cyber risks and attacks. Data is available to underwriters that allows them to calculate risk, set premiums and determine coverage. But, it’s not that easy to get cybersecurity insurance. This is because cybersecurity insurance is still new and the data is limited.

It Adds an Extra Layer of Protection

Data theft or compromise can cause serious damage to an organization. This can lead to customers moving on because they lost trust in you,  besides it can decrease revenue for your company. Your company could also be held responsible for third-party data breaches or thefts. Without a backup plan in place, losing customers’ data would become a nightmare. 

Cybersecurity insurance is crucial If businesses want to protect against cyberattacks, including threats linked to terrorism or even worse. Additionally, coverage for cyber threats can help repair issues fast and also, save your business.

Hacking Can Happen to Anyone

Back in the day, hackers broke into the PlayStation Network in 2011. The breach exposed the personal data of 77 million PlayStation Network users. This meant that PlayStation users couldn’t access the service for more than three weeks. This breach cost Sony over 171 million dollars. Sony could have avoided some of the $171 million if they had secured cybersecurity insurance. But they didn’t. In a subsequent court case, it was found that the insurance policy covered only physical damage. This meant that Sony would have to cover the damages caused by the cyberattack.

How It Works

Cybersecurity insurance is offered by many insurance companies that offer coverage for commercial property insurance and business liability insurance. Most cybersecurity policies cover losses that directly impact companies and third-party (losses incurred by others, depending on their relationship to the organization).

Insurance can help to cover losses that result from cyber events and incidents. It can even cover costs associated with remediation such as legal assistance, crisis communicators and investigators, customer refunds, and loss of customer accounts.

Who Should Have Cybersecurity Insurance?

Cybersecurity insurance is beneficial for companies that store, manage or create electronic data such as contacts, sales, or credit card information. Cyber coverage is also available for e-commerce businesses. Besides, losing money, downtime from a cyber event can potentially lose customers as well

Similar to the above, cybersecurity insurance will be beneficial for any company that stores client information online. However, this type of insurance is not available to all businesses. You will need to ensure you qualify for it. Your data security record must be shown to show that you have taken all precautions to protect your data. If you are not sure if your cybersecurity is the best it can be, we are here to help you figure it out. 

What Doesn’t a Cybersecurity Insurance Policy Cover?

Check the policy documents before a company purchases cybersecurity insurance. You may not have the coverage you need, depending on which policy you choose. Examples of this include the cost of legal fees, notifying customers, complying with ransomware demands, recovering data costs, etc. Before you sign the dotted line, make sure you are satisfied with your coverage.

Because it isn’t a new concept, prices and policies can vary among providers. Businesses need to carefully consider what they want to be covered by their cyber insurance policy. Different industries will require different types of coverage.

It is a smart idea to have your Managed Service Provider assist you with the application process. We can help you determine the coverage that your business needs. It’s important to get cybersecurity insurance if you don’t already have it. You could make the same mistake that Sony made. For cybersecurity consultations, please contact us if you have any questions.




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How Ransomware Affects Business?

how ransomware affects business

Ransomware attacks have been rather prevalent in the news of late. Sandwiched between COVID updates and the weekend weather forecast, you may have noticed ransomware attacks striking major organizations around the globe. These, in general, have been multi-billion dollar companies, including financial institutions and oil manufacturers. Often, these businesses have been forced to pay millions of dollars in ransom fees to take back control of their business and avoid the distribution of sensitive documents. And yet, the problem is so much larger than these massive corporations falling under attack. Every single day, businesses just like yours fall into the crosshair of Internet scammers and cybercriminals. For various reasons, small-time cybercrime doesn’t make the headlines, but when it hits home, it can be devastating. To better protect your company, you need to know how ransomware affects business, no matter what industry you are in.


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