Our Guide To Healthcare It Security And Data Protection

data protection in healthcare

Healthcare organizations are in a unique situation of being exposed to increased risks from cyber attacks and the impacts of healthcare industry-specific regulations. And it all centers around how you handle and protect patient data.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are constantly finding new and innovative ways to infiltrate health and human services. And that can expose your business not only to a data breach but severe regulatory compliance penalties and fines.

To help you better understand why this is such a unique problem, we’ve put together this up-to-date guide to cyber security measures for healthcare facilities.

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Windows 7 HIPAA Compliant Requirements – Microsoft Ends Service for Windows 7

The Windows operating system has long been the OS of choice for medical practitioners and other service providers throughout the industry. Windows 7 is one of the longest continually used versions from Microsoft as it initially came out in 2009 and then went global in a wider basis the following year. However, after a decade of use, Microsoft is looking to devote more of its time and resources on more recent releases of the operating system, which is why January 2020 marks the end of support for Windows 7. This means Windows 7 HIPAA compliant users will need to upgrade their systems to Windows 10 to remain not only HIPAA compliant, but to continue receive support and updates from Microsoft.


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