Your Law Firm Data Security & Why You Need an MSP

law firm data security

As a law firm, you work with confidential information all the time. Everything that is said between you and your client stays between you and your client. While much of this is word of mouth, you and your staff likely have extensive records and research stored on computers. However, whether you store the data on local hard drives or in the cloud, it is critical you do everything in your power to keep this information protected. That is where law firm data security comes in. (more…)

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Our Guide To Healthcare It Security And Data Protection

data protection in healthcare

Healthcare organizations are in a unique situation of being exposed to increased risks from cyber attacks and the impacts of healthcare industry-specific regulations. And it all centers around how you handle and protect patient data.

Unfortunately, cybercriminals are constantly finding new and innovative ways to infiltrate health and human services. And that can expose your business not only to a data breach but severe regulatory compliance penalties and fines.

To help you better understand why this is such a unique problem, we’ve put together this up-to-date guide to cyber security measures for healthcare facilities.

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IT Security Threats and the Importance of IT Support for your Dental Practice

IT support for dental offices

When working in any kind of medical field, your firm has additional security measure requirements that are above and beyond what other firms and businesses must adhere to. These are put in place by the federal government to help safeguard personal health information and prevent that data from being stolen and sold. On top of the necessity of protecting your patient’s health records, you also need to protect their financial records, their insurance information, as well as their basic contact data. Your dental practice is held in higher regard than just about any other industry in the United States, which is why it is so important to partner with a service provider that offers IT support for dental offices. At Charlotte IT Solutions, that is exactly what our locally owned and an operated company does. (more…)

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How to Prevent Data Leaks. Our Top Tips:

how to prevent data leaks

Any kind of data breach for a business can bring about catastrophic results. According to Ponemon Institute’s Cost of a Data Breach survey, 2020 saw $3.86 million in lost assets from data breaches alone (with numbers for 2021 indicating growth to over $4 million), and the average data breach costs a small business around $108,000, due to the ramifications of losing customer information. This can be from loss of business, lawsuits, and other financial obligations. As you can see, such a data breach can be devastating to any kind of business. Even if you’re able to stay afloat following the loss of company and customer data, it can take years to recover from the attack. That is exactly why you need to know how to prevent data leaks in your place of business. (more…)

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IT Security Threats and the Importance of Data Security in Healthcare

importance of data security in healthcare

Security threats are a very real issue every business faces. However, as a healthcare provider, the information you have is far more confidential, and because of this, more data thieves actively attempt to break past the firewall of your business. In order to keep the data of your business and your clients safe, you need to take healthcare information security very seriously. Here are some of the top IT security threats and the importance of data security in healthcare. (more…)

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