Password Security Tips and Mistakes to Avoid

password security tips

Hackers and Internet sleuths are becoming more sophisticated at hacking online accounts. Most of this is due to individuals using a weak password that is simply too easy to replicate.

And many websites, email service providers, and other online companies that require you to create a login password now offer prompts to help assist you in boosting the security strength of your password.

These prompts may force you to use a series of letters, numbers, and characters, but even with these more secure password requirements you may leave yourself at risk of possible hacks.

While you may never be 100% safe and secure, there are a number of ways you can go about boosting strong password security, both for your personal and professional accounts. To help with this, here are our top password security tips you absolutely need to use.

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The Most Common Password Mistakes you Must Stop Making Immediately!

Common Password Mistakes

Passwords. Sometimes it feels like we live and die by them. From our social media accounts to emails, turning on computers, music apps, and everything else in between requires some sort of a password. It’s enough to make your head spin. And this doesn’t even count the passwords required for financial documentation online, work, or credit card profiles.

Passwords function as your first line of defense against online hackers and cybercriminals, and yet, if you’re not careful, you may make it all too easy for the criminal to guess the password and use it to their advantage. How can you avoid something like this? Here are the most common password mistakes you must stop making immediately.


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