Understanding the Difference Between IT Managed Services and Staff Augmentation

it managed services vs staff augmentation

Key Takeaways:

  • Tailored Solutions for Different Needs: This blog explores the differences between IT managed services and staff augmentation, emphasizing each approach’s ability to offer tailored solutions tailored specifically for business needs. Managed services offer comprehensive support, proactive monitoring, and strategic planning suitable for organizations looking for long-term IT outsourcing while staff augmentation provides more flexible access to specialized skills for short-term projects or filling skills gaps within an organization.
  • Cost-Effectiveness Vs. Flexibility: While IT managed services often provide cost-efficient fixed monthly fees for an array of IT services, staff augmentation allows organizations more flexibility and cost efficiency through temporary staff on an as-needed basis. Businesses should carefully weigh both options when making decisions on which option best meets their budget constraints and project needs.
  • Control and Expertise: An additional key distinction lies in the level of control and expertise associated with each approach. IT managed services allow organizations to have less direct control over day-to-day IT management since it is handled by an outside service provider; however, organizations gain access to an experienced team of IT specialists which leads to improved efficiency and productivity. On the other hand, staff augmentation offers greater control over specific tasks or responsibilities; however, it lacks the depth of expertise offered by managed services.


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