Known Signs of Phishing Scams

signs of phishing scams

Phishing has become one of the fastest-growing threats to company IT systems. And the sophistication of these criminal practices is increasing every single year.

It has come to a stage where email is no longer the only place where criminals attempt to commit identity theft, and that has opened the door to an increase in successful hacking attempts.

Mobile users are now starting to see a lot of SMS phishing scams (aka smishing attacks), and that makes companies more vulnerable than they have been in a long time.

But let’s start with some phishing basics.

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Introducing the latest hacking trend: SMS phishing or “Smishing”

sms phishing

Hackers and cybercriminals are always on the lookout for new ways to steal your information. They need to constantly evolve their game in order to make it past security placements around your technology. Many of the tricks they use now are only accessed by you opening a message or clicking on a link you shouldn’t. In order to pass a strong security presence, a hacker needs to be exceptionally skilled, and most just don’t have this kind of capability. That doesn’t stop them from trying easy to avoid yet possible to fall for phishing techniques. One of the latest hacking trends is a form of phishing, known as smishing or SMS phishing. (more…)

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