Holiday Hacking Season: How to Protect Yourself

Holiday Hacking Season

The holidays are upon us: festive lights, holiday music, pine trees, tinsel, and computer hacks. Yes, you heard that right. While it might be the holiday season, it’s also hacking season. Hacking jumps around this time of the year. Why? Well, for several reasons. From the purchase of brand new electronics to buying more items (often with brand new online companies) for gifts, if you are not careful, you may find yourself in less than the holiday spirit. In fact, it can take all the cheer out of your sails as you’re without money for gifts and stuck dealing with credit and debit companies trying to freeze accounts, stop illegal purchases, and even repair your credit score.

2020 has already been a headache; you need to do what you can to avoid making it any worse. By avoiding the holiday hacking season, you can do exactly this. How can you avoid exposure to Internet criminals? Following these tips on how to protect yourself during the holiday hacking season will go a long way to do exactly that.


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