How Ransomware Affects Business?

how ransomware affects business

Ransomware attacks have been rather prevalent in the news of late. Sandwiched between COVID updates and the weekend weather forecast, you may have noticed ransomware attacks striking major organizations around the globe. These, in general, have been multi-billion dollar companies, including financial institutions and oil manufacturers. Often, these businesses have been forced to pay millions of dollars in ransom fees to take back control of their business and avoid the distribution of sensitive documents. And yet, the problem is so much larger than these massive corporations falling under attack. Every single day, businesses just like yours fall into the crosshair of Internet scammers and cybercriminals. For various reasons, small-time cybercrime doesn’t make the headlines, but when it hits home, it can be devastating. To better protect your company, you need to know how ransomware affects business, no matter what industry you are in.


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