Cybersecurity and Internet Safety: What is The Difference?

cybersecuirty and internet safety

It is something we use daily, but not that we think about it. Technology is a key component of modern society. It doesn’t matter if it’s your TV or the Internet, a laptop or a phone. But, you can’t deny how much technology has changed our lives over the past two decades. Individuals and businesses must be vigilant about Cybersecurity and Internet Safety because of the increased amount of online access everywhere.

Cybersecurity and Internet safety are often used interchangeably. But are cybersecurity and Internet security the same thing? The short answer to this question is no. Cybersecurity and Internet safety can have many similarities, and both have online safety solutions. There are many differences between both, which we will explore in this blog article. For now what we can tell you is that Internet safety refers to individual safety and security, while cybersecurity concerns the protection of information or devices.

Internet Safety

Internet safety refers to the Internet user’s awareness about their online safety and security overall. This awareness is a reflection of their knowledge about the security risks to their personal information or data. Unknowingly, many users are open to online security threats. Hackers are after their identities and data, just waiting for an opportunity to hack.

Many services were made available to everyone worldwide by the rapid growth and accessibility of the Internet. As digital communication increased, so did the likelihood of malicious use for personal gain. While this is a concern for older people and children, it can also be a problem for anyone. Cyberbullying, phishing, and cyberstalking are all common threats to safety nowadays. Individuals can take steps to ensure their safety online. Businesses and employees should be aware of the risks too. They can face risks that impact not only their personal lives but also their companies and customers.


Cybersecurity refers to the ways in which individuals and organizations can reduce cyberattack risk. Cybersecurity is about protecting the device, not the person, it is all about protecting personal information online and offline from possible unauthorized access. This protection includes services accessed online and at work.

The Three Differences Between Cybersecurity and Internet Safety

  1. Internet safety concerns the protection and security of individuals, while cybersecurity refers to the protection and security of information.
  2. Individuals are at risk because of poor internet security. A system that is not secure from hackers is known as vulnerable to a cyberattack.
  3. Internet safety depends on strong passwords, mindful downloading, and careful use of social media. Security features such as firewalls, updated software, and multifactor authentication are all essential keys to protection these days.

Protect Your Business with an MSP

Overall businesses must take cybersecurity seriously as a security breach could damage your customer’s trust and even your reputation. A Managed Service Provider can help business owners ensure that they have the best cybersecurity insurance and protection. A good MSP, like Charlotte IT Solutions, is always up to date with cybersecurity threats and new ways to protect your business. It’s important to be knowledgeable and proactive about Internet safety. Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions.