Cybersecurity Predictions 2020

cybersecurity predictions 2020

The world of cyber threats is constantly changing. Menaces looking to cause problems for everyone from businesses to individual consumers are always looking for new ways to harass, bother, and steal. Because of this, the world of cybersecurity needs to remain ever vigilant and on top of these trends and cybersecurity predictions 2020.

As a small business owner, you need to do what you can to protect your company’s network and the data stored on it. Any kind of data leak may cause you to suffer a loss of clients, lawsuits, and potentially the closing of your business. By partnering with an IT service provider you’ll stay ahead of those looking to cause problems for companies such as yours. But what trends are expected to develop over the next 12 months?

Here are just a few cybersecurity predictions 2020 will likely bring to the forefront.

Top Cybersecurity Predictions 2020

Ransomware Moving To The Cloud

Now this one sounds like a complete nightmare, which is exactly why you need to protect yourself. In case you are unaware of what ransomware is, the idea is a kind of malware is installed on your computer bit by bit. It usually goes slowly so your firewall is unable to detect it. Although sometimes entire ransomware can move in when opening an infected link, typically via email.

Once on your computer system, it completely blocks you off, you will lose your ability to use the computer. Messages will begin to appear, telling you it’s possible to obtain a code to remove the corrupt data by paying for it. So, essentially, it holds your computer at ransom. Now, the code does work and it will likely remove the malware from your system. Although most ransomware will leave traces of future ransomware files on your system, so the entire process is repeated.

Now, picture this on the cloud. Basically it spreads to all files and hardware using your cloud network. This means not just one computer in your small business becomes infected but all systems. It may also block you from accessing important files you need to run your business.

Removing this kind of virus from the cloud will be a major pain. Which is why you need to avoid it altogether. Partnering with an IT service provider is often the first step you need to take to protect your business.


Now, let us first point out that GDPR is a good thing. It is short for General Data Protection Regulation. Specific industries, such as the medical industry, have similar regulations in place. Basically, a medical service provider needs to have very specific, high-end network security in order to prevent a data breach. If a breach does happen the company can be shut down until it is corrected.

California recently passed its own GDPR. There is no national protection regulation in place yet. However, other states will follow (this is why this makes the list for cybersecurity predictions 2020). The European Union has such a regulation in place. What do these regulations do? It significantly fines businesses in the event of a data breach. Basically it forces companies to get serious with its network security. Because while a data breach can cause stock values to drop and other secondary issues, the data breach ultimately causes problems for the consumers.

So, if a GDPR is passed, it means your small business needs to up its network security unless you want to face massive fines from the state government (not to mention possible lawsuits from those affected). The best way is to safeguard your network to protect your secured information and avoid these fines.

Watch Out For Remote Work Dangers

More and more businesses rely on remote working. This kind of work can be especially beneficial as it allows employees to get work done while at home instead of in the office. All of this is great, but it also leaves you exposed. You can have the strongest network defenses in place, but it is all for not if an employee emails you a file with a virus leached onto it. Now, it’s not that your employees mean to do that. But if their computer is infected with malware there is the chance they pass it onto you. Think of it like the flu.

The best way to defend against this is to establish strong perimeter network security. Additionally, your employees need to have their own network perimeter security enabled when working remotely. To protect you and your employees who work remotely you’ll want to consult with an IT service provider to see what the best ways of establishing the necessary security parameters are. Charlotte IT Solutions can provide you with these exact services to ensure you stay ahead of possible negative cybersecurity predictions 2020 is likely to bring.

Take The Necessary Precautions And Protect Your Small Business

Large business data breaches reach the news all too often. Most Americans at one point in time have shopped at the Home Depot or Target. So when these massive brands experience hackers infiltrating their network it affects tens of millions of Americans. A data breach with a small, local business, doesn’t move the national needle, so these are not reported on. However, small businesses are often the main targets of hackers. This is because these companies do not always implement the strongest security measures.

Due to this, when a hacker finds a business with strong defenses they will have a higher rate of moving on, as it isn’t financially rewarding for them to spend time trying to break in. You want your business to be like this. With a strong, impenetrable network security system in place, you’ll avoid these kinds of data hacks and breaches that happen all around the world. Charlotte IT Solutions understands these cybersecurity predictions 2020 is bringing and will make sure your small business is expertly protected. To take advantage of these security measures all you need to do is give the Charlotte IT Solutions staff a call.