Looking for Productivity Hacks? Check Out Our Top Microsoft Word Tips

Microsoft word tips

You’ve probably been using Microsoft Word for longer than you can remember. It’s the staple word processing software, and while there are other options now out there, all of these options need to play nicely with the Word format. It’s an industry standard and is used by businesses across the globe.

Even with your ample usage experience, chances are you haven’t taken a deep dive into just what Microsoft Word can do. There are some powerful tricks the average user doesn’t know about. So, if you’d like to up your productivity and get more done with the same program, we’ve got you covered. You won’t need to purchase Microsoft Office instruction books, nor will you need to sign up for classes. We’ll give you a handful of the best Microsoft Word tips right here.

Our Top Microsoft Word Tips

Stop Copying, Pasting, And Cutting With The Menu

This is one of the more basic tips, but if you’re still manually copying and pasting through the menu, you’re doing it wrong. Or at least you’re taking way too much time doing it. No, you should be using the keyboard shortcuts for this one. Thankfully these are easy shortcuts, and in no time, it will feel like second nature. It’s even a great way to save before performing any kind of edits quickly.

On your Windows computer, you’ll want to hold down “Ctrl,” and on your Mac, you’ll want to use the “Control” button for this. Then, to copy, you’ll hold that button down, highlight the section you want to highlight, and press “C” to copy. To cut, you’ll press “X” instead, and to paste you’ll press “V” (the “P” button is the print keyboard shortcut, so you’ll need to train yourself to use “V”).

Now, let’s say you want to make sure you don’t accidentally remove something you want to keep. The “Copy” feature will also serve as a temporary backup, as whatever you copied will be stored in the system’s temporary memory. If you want to select the entire document at once, hold down Copy/Ctrl and then “A”. This will highlight everything within the document.

Ditch The Unnecessary Formatting

Added formatting can be a real pain in the butt. You don’t see all the codes from within the text, but the text might suddenly come out all funky looking if you add it into an email. Returns might not be added, or there might be strange spaces throughout. Sometimes it’s hard to tell exactly what happened, but usually, there’s something with the formatting.

You can ditch the formatting from your document by highlighting the section in question (or you can select all of it using the Control/Ctrl and “A” hotkeys) by holding down the Control/Ctrl button and then press the Spacebar. This will remove all the formatting from the highlighted section.

Add-In That Hyperlink Quickly

Perhaps you already have the hyperlink saved, and now you need to add it to a chunk of text. To do this, highlight the word or phrase you want to add into, then press Control/Ctrl and “K.” This will add the hyperlink to the selected text.

Smart Lookup

Have you ever been typing, and, after inputting a section, you find the need to either add in a hyperlink to source information or you want to provide additional insights to someone who might be on the receiving end and want additional background info? If so, you’ve probably gone over to your Internet browser, typed in a search phrase, and then sifted through the links until you found what worked. Well, thankfully, there is an easier way. With Smart Lookup, you can cut out many of these steps.

To do this, simply highlight a word or phrase, then right-click the highlighted section and choose “Smart Lookup.” This will automatically open up your browser and bring up a Google search for what you selected. This way, you can jump right to the links you want to share and copy it back over onto the text (to add a hyperlink, just right-click the selected section again and choose “Hyperlink.”).

Delete That Full Word

Is there an entire word you need to delete? Of course, there is. But do you really want to be clicking away at the Backspace button? That’s cumbersome for those longer words, and if you hold it down, you’ll easily wipe out an entire line. Instead, return to that trusty Control/Ctrl button and then Backspace. This will delete the previous word. You can also double-click the mouse on the word, and it will automatically highlight that word, for which you can then press Backspace. Or, maybe there’s an entire paragraph or block of text you want to remove. Triple-click inside this block, and the entire paragraph will be selected.

Take Your Business Further

Boosting productivity within your business is so much more than just discovering a few Microsoft Word tips or even uncovering a few tricks in Excel or PowerPoint. No, to fully harness your business’ true potential, you need to squeeze every last drop of productivity out of the equipment you have, the network you use, and the software you’re running. You also need to make sure your programs are properly protected and defended from external cyber-attacks.

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